The Regional Centre for Civil Protection (CRPC) Training is a private entity which is directly linked to the Veneto Region Civil Protection Department. The Regional Centre is in charge of organizing training courses for Civil Protection volunteers belonging to Veneto Region CP sections.
The Regional Centre cooperates with several external trainers in order to execute trainings while the internal structure, composed by 2 full-time people and 1 Director, is in charge of coordinating and organizing the training actions within the regional territory. Every year the Regional Centre trains 5.000 volunteers and organizes CP kids’ camp experiences, besides several awareness activities dedicated to kids, in cooperation with Veneto Region elementary and junior high schools. The Regional Centre can moreover count on the cooperation of several CP organizations located on the regional territory.
CRPC has participated, as coordinator, in SKIPASS project, funded under CP Financial Instrument.

Gianfranco Mio 

Cnetro Regionale Veneto di Protezione Civile - CRCP


Via Longhena 6/8 - 30175 Venezia Marghera - Italy

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tel: +39 041 457179

fax: +39 041 5971771