The Institute of Information and Communication Technologies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - (IICT) is founded on 1st of July 2010 as a successor of Institute for Parallel Processing (IPP), Institute of Information Technologies (IIT) and Institute of Computer and Communication Systems (ICCS). The Institute’s mission is to coordinate research efforts in computer science and computer technology, as well as to harmonize the scientific achievements of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgarian universities and the Bulgarian computer industry. After 1992, the Institute’s predecessors oriented their work to advanced ICT research in close collaboration with skilled international partners. IICT trains dozens of PhD students and post-docs who are involved in valuable and prestigious RTD initiatives. IICT has a leading position in the fields of: Computer Science, Communications and Control, Scientific Computations, Supercomputing, Natural Language Processing, Decision Making approaches and consists of the following departments: Computer Networks and Architectures, Parallel Algorithms, Scientific Computations, Mathematical Methods for Sensor Data Processing,  Linguistic Modelling,  Information Technologies for Security, Grid Technologies and Applications, Technologies for Knowledge Management and Processing, Optimization and Decision Making, Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition,  Information Processes and Systems,  Intelligent systems, Embedded Intelligent Technologies,  Communication Systems and Services,  Hierarchical Systems.
The existing infrastructure in the IICT provides resources with GRID organization including 3 computer clusters in the Pan-European Grid Infrastructure, named BG01-IPP, BG03-NGCC, and NG04-ACAD with total 916 CPU cores and about 64 TB storage and 10 TB tape. A separated room with 20 working places for young scientists was made up last summer, each with a desktop computer connected to the Grid clusters. This GRID node appeared as an investment combining substantial national and EC funding.
In addition to the GRID node at IICT, the HiPerSmart proposers also use the Bulgarian supercomputer IBM Blue Gene/P, located at the premises of the Ministry of Telecommunications, IT and Transport (please note that the IICT Director Prof. Margenov is Chair of the Bulgarian Supercomputing Consortium and Coordinator of the large project Centre of Excellence in Supercomputing Applications, funded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund in 2009-2011).

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