RECALL – Resilient European Communities Against Local Landslides, is a two-years project running from May 2015 to April 2017, co-funded by the European Civil Protection Financial Instrument.

The project gets together 5 partners from 5 different European countries, working together to design and implement smart, community based solutions supporting local authorities in better planning and implementing landslides and disaster prevention measures in their territories.

An important element of this project is the direct involvement of citizens and volunteers in the protection and monitoring of their territory, in tigh cooperation with local authorities and Civil Protection institutions. Through the development and use of dedicated e-tools and the implementation of proper training activities, the projct was able to activelly involve citizens in collecting and providing monitoring data, information and other relevant inputs to the local authorities in charge for territory protection and disaster prevention, increasing both the overall efficiency of procedures, but also citizns awareness and territories resilience.

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